West Lothian College — Our Vision, Goals, Values and Behaviours

Our vision – our WHY – is of a highly skilled, enterprising and resilient workforce. We have a vision of a highly skilled workforce because employment forecasts for West Lothian tell us that there is a greater demand for higher level skills than exists in the working age population. To have a highly skilled workforceContinue reading “West Lothian College — Our Vision, Goals, Values and Behaviours”

How West Lothian College is Supporting the Young Person’s Guarantee

In August 2020, the Scottish Government announced a Young Person’s Guarantee to support young people affected by the economic impact of Covid19. Over the next two years, the guarantee aims to give all young people the chance to succeed through a job, apprenticeship, education, training or volunteering. In February 2021, the Scottish Funding Council announced that colleges wereContinue reading “How West Lothian College is Supporting the Young Person’s Guarantee”

A pedagogy-first approach to digital learning

Lockdown catapulted most colleges from exclusively face-to-face teaching to delivering all courses online. No blend, just full-strength online delivery! Lecturers, work-based assessors and trainers at West Lothian College threw themselves into remote delivery and worked hard to help students complete their qualifications online. In a matter of days lecturers moved all learning resources onto MoodleContinue reading “A pedagogy-first approach to digital learning”