Building futures at West Lothian College

West Lothian College is investing £500,000 to expand its engineering and construction workshops to meet industry and student demand. The new workshop area will double the space on the campus to deliver the practical aspects of engineering and construction courses. The expansion project and the new equipment that will be installed will allow the collegeContinue reading “Building futures at West Lothian College”

West Lothian College students graduate at home

The main event at West Lothian College in the last week of October 2020 was our Graduate at Home ceremony and, as principal of the college, I was delighted to take part. It was more important than ever to celebrate this year’s graduates. They are the generation of students that kept going through a worldwideContinue reading “West Lothian College students graduate at home”

Colleges will help make the Young Person’s Guarantee a reality

Mass youth unemployment has featured large in my personal and professional life. As a teenager, I was one of over a million unemployed young people in the 1980s. As a civil servant, I advised government ministers and worked with partners to design initiatives to tackle youth unemployment from 2008 to 2013. As the principal ofContinue reading “Colleges will help make the Young Person’s Guarantee a reality”