Up close and personal

People who matter to me

My husband Frank and I have been together since 1981. 

We have two wonderful sons – Alan and Paul – who are intelligent, caring and sensitive young men passionate about equality, diversity and inclusion. Our first grandchild, Matthew, was born in 2021 and he is bringing a new level of joy to our lives.

I am the daughter of Betty and Billy, whose lives were dedicated to their five kids. It wasn’t easy for them.

My mum was a cleaner and my dad was a telephone fitter most of his life. Although they are no longer with us, their legacy lives on through their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. 

My three sisters still live in East Kilbride near me. My brother lives with his family in Lancashire.

I am the eldest, my brother is the youngest and there are six years between us. My mum and dad had five kids by the age of 27!

The picture below was taken when I was 11 years old at Heathery Knowe Primary School. I’m the glaikit one in the bottom left of the photo!

You can tell by our ragged fringes that haircuts were administered by our parents!