Investing in our people

On 30 May 2019, West Lothian College moved beyond its existing Investors in People Bronze status to achieve Silver accreditation. 

West Lothian College first achieved Investors in People recognition in 2010 and achieved Bronze status under the previous 5th Generation Framework in 2016.

We use the Investors in People framework to review and improve our people management strategies, and to ensure they have maximum impact on the overall student experience.

There are four levels of accreditation in the current Investors in People 6th Generation Framework – Standard, Silver, Gold and Platinum. I am delighted that we have made progress on our improvement journey by being awarded Silver accreditation.

This demonstrates that we are living our three core values of being welcoming to all, having students at the centre of everything we do, and always striving for better.

It also shows that we are making progress on the aims of our People Strategy to:

  • Attract a highly talented and diverse workforce
  • Enable and drive delivery of the college plan through our people
  • Create a culture in which our people thrive.

The Investors in People framework assesses organisations against the three areas of Leading, Supporting and Improving. Within these areas are nine performance indicators and we are assessed against these indicators using a performance model made up of four levels – developed, established, advanced and high-performing.

The diagram below is the external assessment of West Lothian College. It shows that we are performing at an advanced level on Leading and Inspiring People, and on Building Capability. Our performance for the remaining seven indicators has been judged as established.

No alt text provided for this image

Achieving Silver is a great achievement, and a recognition of the progress we are making against the 9 indicators. It shows that we still have work to do to improve everyone’s experience of working at the college and that is something we will remain firmly focused on.

Investors in People assessments take place every three years and our goal is to achieve at least Gold status in 2022. By doing so, we will demonstrate that we are continuing to strive for better in creating a culture in which our people thrive.


Welcoming to all | Students at the Centre of everything we do | Always striving for better

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